Brow and Eyeliner Bundle

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Transform your eye game with our exclusive Brow and Eyeliner Bundle – a must-have collection for achieving stunning brows and captivating eyes. This bundle comprises four essential items that promise to define and enhance your gaze:

1 Black Gel Eyeliner for bold, precise lines with our rich and smudge-proof gel eyeliner, ensuring a dramatic and long-lasting eye look.

1 50 Shades Brow Fix Gel to sculpt and tame your brows effortlessly with our versatile brow fix gel, available in an extensive range of 50 shades to perfectly match your unique style.

1 Brown Eye Pencil to add depth and definition to your eyes using our smooth and blendable brown eye pencil, ideal for creating both subtle and statement looks.

1 Black Eye Pencil to achieve a classic, smoky eye or bold eyeliner look effortlessly with our jet-black eye pencil, crafted for easy application and enduring wear.

Whether you prefer a subtle everyday look or a striking evening glamour, our Brow and Eyeliner Bundle is your go-to solution.

Customer Reviews

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first brow gel

This is my first time using a brew gel, and this did not disappoint me. Will surely use this often.

brow gel

I like the brow gel a lot, it helps me saves time since i only have to do it once and it lasts until end of day, glad that i got this. thanks :)


This can be a perfect gift for an eye girl, really helps in emphasizing those beautiful eyes, brow gel is perfect and the pen is really defining


I like the pen and the gel, i was just hoping for other color options, but will definitely buy this product again

black and brown

the lines that this liners give is perfect, easy to use and thinner lines than usual, i like the blackness of the black pencil pen

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