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Tolerant Planet

Love our People. Love our Planet. 

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With nature’s peace and vibration at the helm, Tolerant Planet has gathered writers, entrepreneurs, and researchers, with their inspiration and expertise, to write courses for all of humankind, in subjects that create a ripple of sustainable tolerance throughout our world.

Tolerant Planet was created for the purpose of bringing a broader sense of education around subjects of well-being, to every person, race, culture, religion, and world-view without bias. As a synonym for tolerance is multiculturalism, Tolerant Planet has attracted multiple cultures of writers, entrepreneurs, researchers and experts to share their experiences and knowledge into courses. The purpose is to raise awareness in intuitive subjects, to create a ripple effect, creating peaceful sustainability on the planet through personal feelings of wellbeing and safety.

Tolerant Planet has been established to create courses, ebooks, children books, curriculum, podcasts, music, and coachings. The goal is to inspire low dependency on fear models, risk-taking ability, and restore motivation and passion, creative thinking, and persistence to all people. Tolerant Planet prides it’s purpose on giving everyone the chance to discover fundamental qualities that resemble the peaceful resonance of the planet, and recuperate the vibration of nature within themselves, through self-education, and awareness of well-being.

Tolerant Planet has created online courses in the subjects of Finance, Well-Being, and the Performing Arts. These subjects are also available in the form of books, and ebooks. Tolerant Planet has also created the brand : Punk Ass Vegan. Our creative team has put together 20 different recipe cookbooks in particular subjects, honing in on maintaining a perky fun lifestyle, while using more sustainable dairy-free, gluten-free vegan products. In every book there is a guide to the health benefits of different herbs, spices, and veggies. Tolerant Planet has also created a children's section with a book designed to share the yogi story of Brahma and Maya - a hindu tradition of self-love. Along with the book, Tolerant Planet has developed an app of affirmations distinctly for children.

Tolerant Planet has created a non-profit organisation The Rowie FoundationTolerant Planet is donating a large portion of the intellectual property to this foundation. Most of the products that were made within the Tolerant domain is to improve our lives in various ways.   The Rowie Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships for education in Politics, Finance, and Technology. Find out more at our website, or find us on social media and donate ! 

Enjoy our Tolerant Planet shop and visit our social media for more of our sustainable progress!  

Punk Ass Vegan - 20 Recipe Cookbook Collection!https://www.tolerantplanet.com/collections/punk-ass-vegan
www.rowiefoundation.com scholarship for educating WOC