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Kekuatan Sistem Keyakinan Kita

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Our belief system is an invisible force behind our behavior. What we believe drives what we do, and what we do determines what we achieve. Our belief system is one of the strongest forces that affect all decisions that we make. When a belief is strong, it affects our performance and resilience.

Our Belief Becomes our Reality, The creation of belief systems probably begins with humanity itself. The distinctly human ability to think abstractly and communicate about things beyond the "here and now" may have led to the creation that full of mysterious things.

This course covers the different areas that our belief system can affect our everyday life. This course will help you understand how to muscle test and will give you a list of beliefs that might be limiting your reach-to-thrive lifestyle!

Tolerant Planet is dedicated to harmoniously supporting women of color's education in politics, and finance.

With nature’s peace and vibration at the helm, Tolerant Planet LTD has gathered inspired writers, entrepreneurs, and researchers' expertise to write courses for humankind, in subjects that create a ripple of sustainable tolerance within themselves and each other.

Love our planet, Love our people.