A Musical Guide Through the Eras - Tolerant Planet

A Musical Guide Through the Eras

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This course contains a guide through the eras of various types of classical music, for us to see how it has evolved with our psyche! This course also includes an inspiring listening list.

Tolerant Planet is dedicated to harmoniously supporting women of color's education in politics, and finance. 

Music has been used as a form of entertainment throughout history but did you know that it can also be used to improve brain function and relaxation? Yes, you heard it right.  It’s the structure and slow tunes of most classical music, specifically, that creates a calming effect on the listener. This is due to the release of dopamine which is the body’s natural happy chemical that improves a person’s mood and also blocks the release of stress.


With nature’s peace and vibration at the helm, Tolerant Planet LTD has gathered inspired writers, entrepreneurs, and researchers' expertise to write courses for humankind, in subjects that create a ripple of sustainable tolerance within themselves and each other.

Love our planet, Love our people.