Sunflower Face Scrub

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Introducing our Vegan Sunflower Face Scrub, a rejuvenating blend of natural ingredients designed to reveal your skin's radiant glow. Our formula boasts beads derived from high molecular weight monoesters, offering gentle exfoliation that refines skin texture and eliminates dead cells and rough skin.

Infused with Jojoba Oil, this scrub creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture, leaving your skin irresistibly soft and supple. Sweet Almond Oil works its magic by rejuvenating dead cells and providing long-lasting hydration.

Experience the nourishing properties of Olive Oil as it softens, nourishes, and evens out your skin tone, leaving you with closed pores and a silky-smooth texture. Our Sunflower Face Scrub also incorporates botanical extracts known for their moisturizing, detoxifying, and regenerative effects on the skin's connective layer.

Reveal your skin's natural beauty with our Vegan Sunflower Face Scrub. Enjoy the gentle exfoliation, refined texture, and rejuvenating benefits of our naturally-derived beads. Elevate your skincare routine with this luxurious scrub that will leave your skin glowing, refreshed, and revitalized.


  • Beads consist of naturally derived, high molecular weight monoesters.
  • Jojoba Oil forms a barrier that effectively locks the moisture in and keeps the skin soft and supple.
  • Sweet Almond Oil rejuvenates dead cells and leaves the skin moisturized.
  • Olive Oil softens, nourishes, and leaves the skin with an even color, closed pores, and a soft, smooth texture.
  • Botanical Extracts moisturize, nourish, and detoxify the skin and have strong activity regenerating and repairing the connective layer.
  • Naturally-Derived Beads offer gentle exfoliation, refine skin texture, and gently eliminate dead cells and rough skin.

Net weight of 125ml / 4 US oz

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